Cisco TelePresence VCS is vulnerable to CVE-2014-0160 – aka Heartbleed CSCuo16472

For many environments that have VCS platforms running 7.x where they are not ready to migrate to 8.x – Cisco has confirmed, in the following defect/bug explanation, that VCS 7.2.3 is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Vulnerability. The release notes of VCS 7.2.3 do not, in fact, state that the vulnerability is addressed in the 7.2.3 release but the language for the specific VCS bug below clarifies the issue.

Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) [CSCuo16472] [*]

See specific language from the defect link above is here:
Customers running versions X7.2, X7.2.1, X7.2.2 or X7.2.3 RC2 are recommended to upgrade to version X7.2.3 or later.

Good luck!



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I live with my family in beautiful Colorado. We have a basset / beagle named Cisco. We board / ski, ride dirtbikes, RV and enjoy living in the Western US. I've done R/S, security, wireless, IPT and am now focused on virtualization technologies on the High Touch Team for, a large Cisco reseller.
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