ScienceLogic Enterprise Manager 7 (EM7) Review

Monitoring Solution for UCS.


For more infomation and to obtain your own EM7 eval visit the ScienceLogic Web-Site

OK so after what seems like an age, I have finally managed to get round to blogging down my initial thoughts on the first Monitoring Solution I have evaluated.

Disclosure: This review has not been sponsored in any way, and is just my opinion

Firstly big thanks to Mike Riley  and Ray Wood of ScienceLogic for coming in and running me through the setup and initial config of EM7. While not particular difficult it does make my life a whole lot easier, and gives me an opportunity to ask all the questions I might have. Plus in my view this shows a good indication of customer service, and makes a change from the “Just download an Eval and get back to us with any questions” type attitudes.

Lab Setup:
The Lab setup I will use…

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