Custom vCenter Server Alarms and Actions

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As part of many of my vSphere related professional services engagements, such jumpstarts, designs, upgrades and health-checks, I typically address the alarms provided by VMware vCenter Server.  Frequently, I recommend creating some custom alarms and configuring specific actions on some alarms to meet customer needs.  Although my recommendations are unique for each customer, they tend to have many similarities.  Here I am proving a sample of the recommendations that I provided to a customer in Los Angeles, whose major focus is to ensure high availability.  In this scenario, the customer does not use an SNMP management system, so we decided to use the option to send emails to the administration team,  instead of sending SNMP traps.  Also, in this scenario, the customer planned to configure Storage DRS in Manual mode, instead of Automatic mode.

vCenter Alarms and Email Notifications

Configure the Actions for the following pre-defined alarms to send email…

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